Providing a support network for trans people and their loved ones in WA.

TransFolk of WA Mission:

  • Provide a range of peer-led support and information services for gender diverse individuals and their families
  • Provide safe and inclusive spaces, social events and personal development opportunities for gender diverse people
  • Communicate and collaborate with a broad range of political, government and community-based organisation to increase visibility and awareness of gender diversity

About TransFolk of WA:

TransFolk of WA is a support service for all transgender people and their loved ones in Western Australia. The organisation provides accessible safe spaces where members can expect dynamic support.

TransFolk of WA was originally founded as Transmen of WA in 2012 to reach out to trans men and other people assigned female at birth (AFAB) for friendship and support. This remains the core value throughout our expansion to include services for trans women and all gender diverse people.

Current projects:

  1. Online Facebook Groups
    Our online spaces are safe and welcoming places where our members can swap important information, socialise and share experiences. We have groups for trans women, trans men, non-binary folk, youth, parents of trans people and partners of trans people. The groups are hidden and private so that being part of the group isn’t broadcast to all your Facebook friends.
  2. Social & Support Groups
    We hold social catch ups where folks can meet other trans and gender diverse people.
    We have a monthly peer support group for parents/carers of trans and gender diverse people.
  3. Training
    Our Trans101 workshop provides practical ways to be more inclusive of trans and gender diverse people. More info on our other types of training is listed here
  4. Events
    Throughout the year we get involved with Pride and other celebrations.

To join our groups or for more details about our events please send us an email to