Organisational Membership

Stand with us, and join the TransFolk of WA Membership community!

Join us as a Member for all trans and gender diverse folks, or as an Ally Member for partners, friends, family, and all allies of trans and gender diverse people.

Your $10 annual membership does a lot to support TransFolk of WA to achieve our mission:

  • Provide a range of peer-led support and information services for gender diverse individuals and their families
  • Provide safe and inclusive spaces, social events and personal development opportunities for gender diverse people
  • Communicate and collaborate with a broad range of political, government and community-based organisations to increase visibility and awareness of gender diversity and associated human rights issues

As part of your membership you will get:

  • A digital membership card
  • A TransFolk of WA sticker and trans flag ally postcard
  • Engage with other members through the TransFolk of WA blog
  • Be the first to know about our news, events, and training sessions
  • Have a say about the future direction of TransFolk of WA – all members and ally members have voting rights for TransFolk of WA Annual General Meetings and Board Elections

Click here to view the TransFolk of WA Inc. Constitution

Want to support us further?

TransFolk of WA is a volunteer run and led organisation, and we rely on the generosity of our supporters to make a difference.
TransFolk of WA provides a support and information network for trans, non-binary and gender diverse people in Western Australia. Your help is appreciated.

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