T-Juniors Group

T-Juniors is a new service that is still growing. The first port of call for kids should be the Freedom Centre as they have a big group of kids that attend their catch ups. But that isn’t much help to kids who don’t live in Perth so we have an online space for them to talk that was created at the request of parents within the Mum and Dad’s page. Ages 11 – 16.

The space is monitored by people who are appropriately trained and have Working With Children Certificates. A few older trusted teens are added from our other online groups to talk with them and ensure they have mentors to look up to and that they can relate to. When we feel they are ready we will move them up into the older groups, this may be anywhere between 16 and 21 depending on the person.

*Anyone under 16 needs parents permission to join our older groups.

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