Suicide Peer Support Groups

TransFolk of WA partners with DISCHARGED to hold suicide peer support groups for trans, gender diverse and gender questioning folks.

In DISCHARGED suicide peer support groups you are free to talk about, vent, sit with, or make sense of suicidal experiences, distress or the desire to die, without fearing hospitalisation or the police being called.

The groups are FREE, there are no forms to fill out, no referral needed, they don’t ask for any of your personal details and don’t record anything that is spoken about. The group deeply listens and ask curious questions, without judgement, trying to solve problems or providing you with answers.

The groups are for trans, gender diverse and gender questioning people (18+ years old) with personal experience of suicidal thoughts, feelings or actions. The groups run every week and you’re welcome to come whenever it works for you.


All DISCHARGED group facilitators identify with having lived experience of suicidal thoughts, feelings or actions. This means they have a unique insight into what it’s like to want to die. Many of them have also been through mental health system based traumas (like forced hospitalisation). The facilitators are all highly trained in the ‘Alternatives to Suicide’ approach and are experienced in providing compassionate listening that recognises each individual’s autonomy and expertise.

The facilitators of the trans and gender diverse group are also trans and/or non-binary, so the group is a safe place to share about trans experiences.

In-person and online

TransFolk of WA supports DISCHARGED’s in-person trans and gender diverse suicide peer support group.
DISCHARGED also holds an online group for trans and gender diverse folks that is open to people throughout Australia.
For info about the group location/zoom code. Please contact DISCHARGED

“I thought I was the only one like this, until I heard them speak.”
– group attendee


“A place where I can talk openly”
– group attendee


“DISCHARGED for me is basically that, it’s some way to organise all the chaos in my life and that chaos includes suicidal ideation.”
– group attendee